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Josie on Shadowridge Drive Release

Author and retired middle school teacher, Deborah Burggraaf, has announced the release of her thirteenth book, JOSIE ON SHADOWRIDGE DRIVE.

JOSIE ON SHADOWRIDGE DRIVE follows Ms. Burggraaf’s twelfth book, BLUE-Night Crawlers.
BLUE-Night Crawlers was well received by children, parents and teachers and the same positive response is anticipated for,

Ms. Burggraaf has once again teamed up with two-time, FAPA Award Winning Illustrator, Matt Lumsden, a graphic artist in Boca Raton, Florida to create an everlasting love story between a young girl, Lilly and a fluffy, white Wheaten Terrier, Josie.

LAKE WORTH, FL:  July 25, 2018Deborah Burggraaf, a south Florida retired teacher and a 2013, 2014 and 2017 FAPA Silver Medal Author, has established herself as a prolific writer of children’s books, now introduces her new book:  JOSIE ON SHADOWRIDGE DRIVE.

The central characters are Lilly, a young girl who visits the west coast every year for a month, and Josie, a Wheaten Terrier who resides in southern California and look forward to being with her dear friend every summer.

JOSIE ON SHADOWRIDGE DRIVE tells the story of the love between two hearts--a young girl, Lilly and a fluffy canine, Josie, whose time together is limited.  As the clock ticks slowly by, both realize that their moments together are to be treasured.  Both characters hold onto their cherished memories while apart and value their special love.  They look forward with hope for next summer when they will re-kindle their special friendship together again.

MATTHEW LUMSDEN, FAPA Award-winning Illustrator and graphic design artist takes his readers on walks up Shadowridge Drive, enjoying succulent, sweet treats, and simply relaxing on fluffy pillows together by creating colorfully, designed pages.  He invites his readers to cherish special moments with each page turned.  Mr. Lumsden shows the love between two characters with profound beauty to behold, as well as illustrates the importance of holding onto hope and dreams, when summer days return, and the two friends will be together.

Parents, Educators and children will also welcome the lessons available on: www.dburgg.com

JOSIE ON SHADOWRIDGE DRIVE is scheduled for release on:  July 25, 2018

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