Thursday, 04 July 2013 06:17

This morning, I will be heading out to

This morning, I will be heading out to the Oceanside Pier, once again, to visit with my "fishing buddies" on the Pier, and give away bookmarks and pencils to the children.  I look forward to reading Flutternutter and Crow No More today.

Crow No More is my first Oceanside story about a Black Crow and a Portuguese fisherman, Paul, who are friends that meet each day on the Pier.  One day, old, Black Crow does not arrive and he is told by his family that old, Black Crow was to old to continue his life on Earth, but, to meet during the night sky and the two will be reunited once more.

And so, the friendship continues, but in a different form, as the two become shining stars across the Pacific Ocean, forever together.

Of course, in between readings...I will fish with my friends for Croaker and Corbina!!!!


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