1.  Where did this story come from?

While visiting in Vista, California two years ago, my friend, Jim shared with me that his CORKY cat that he had for 18 years had gone missing and did not return home. My heart dropped. He reminisced over the many joyous times they had together, from first rescuing him from the chickens at only two weeks old, to CORKY’S first feeding. It was Jim’s grieving time and so many small, but profound moments in their lives were shared with me.

At night, I found myself tying to sleep, yet the story began to evolve on its own in my mind. I just had to put the pieces in order and write about the love between the two very eloquently, so children would feel “at ease” or “acceptant” at the end of the story; not sad. This was my challenge.

  1.  How did you take the theme of “loss” of a loved one and give it an “acceptant” ending?

I never believed that, to this day, CORKY had passed. In my mind, CORKY is still out discovering new things, carrying Jim’s love in his heart. That’s what I believed then and so it is what I believe now. On the last page in this book, I have CORKY walking away on a path, yet looking back, reassuring his readers that he is on a “new” path in life; still exploring.

  1.  How does Jim feel about his story becoming a children’s book?

He is very pleased. And now, for sure, CORKY indeed lives on, as the tale of the love between the two will be shared with so many children, as well as adults, over time. This book is dedicated to Jim.

  1. Following CORKY’S TRAVELS, what writing projects are you currently working on?

TEE TIME, is another picture book for children with many animal characters out on a golf course at night having a good time and playing while the “adults” sleep their nights away. Matt Lumsden, Illustrator and Graphic Artist will be illustrating this book, which is great as he is whimsical and playful with his creative design on another “animal” project like this.

Following TEE TIME, we are focused on the next two books. BHANTE, Little Man of Oside and There’s an IBIS Beside Us, are both children’s books in our future. BHANTE is a 16-year old Corgi I watch in Oceanside, California and is adored by many. The second book, my IBIS picture book, is my first bilingual book for children in Spanish and English. So yes, I am busy writing and going through the process of publishing, with my long-time partner, Steve White, Protective Hands Communications, Riviera Beach, FL.

  1. Where can the public view or purchase your children’s books?

My books are available of course, on DBURGG.com and on AMAZON.com

  1. What are your social media sites?

FACEBOOK: Deborah Burggraaf Books

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