for children.Moo-moo is the adopted Bichon-Frise, who at first, does not show up to the soiree.  However, the entire doggie party, adorned with their birthday caps, prance down Key Lime Street to bring her back to the backyard celebration.In the end, Sasha, the main character in the story (Chihuahua) and Moo-moo become close friends and sleep under the, “sweet, summer eve” stars together.

Do you, as the author, have a “special” dog in this story?  

 Yes, Monsoon, the Min-Pin, was my first dog here in Loxahatchee, Florida. She sat by my feet in the dining room while I wrote my first book, CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE.  She was a fighter and a defender, and not the friendliest dog you would want to greet you when there was a knock on the front door.  However, I learned to love her so and placed her in this book for children.  Of course, I made her a "champion.”

 What upcoming books are set to be released soon?

Following SASHA’S BIRTHDAY PARTY, our next book is, THE LOVEBUG CONNECTION.  This book is scheduled for release in December 2015.  It is about those bothersome black “flies” that many people in south Florida do not welcome annually.  They pair up and soar in flight hooked together as one; so delicately they take flight with two swarms each year. While researching these ‘pesty, black flies,' I realized that they sometimes deposit acid on the bumpers of cars and dirty our windows.  However, they do, in fact, deposit needed nutrients into our soils, thus enhancing our beautiful, green fauna along our southern states.

What are you currently writing?

Currently, I am writing a seahorse story.  I am amazed with these tender fish who float, not to mention that it is the male who has the babies!  There is a large market for seahorses for medicinal purposes.  Many seahorses are nearing extinction here in the states, as well as globally. I would like to also bring this information into the story.

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