Where did the idea for this children’s book come from?

This story came from sitting outdoors in the beautiful, warm sunny days here in Florida, and watching these pairs of “bugs” fly so delicately around in  late April and September afternoons.  They captivated me with their soft, airy flight, while attached to each other.  Next, I decided to learn more about them and researched their life cycle.  As I learned, they are actually, “black flies” that swarm the southern-belt states annually; in our case here in Florida, twice a year.

Who are the main characters in this picture book for children?

The main characters in this story are the lovebugs.  This story shows how indeed, they are a nuisance to the human population by splattering windshields and staining the grills of car bumpers.  However, the story also informs the readers about the “good” they do for our spectacular Earth, by depositing much needed nutrients under our tress.  This has been creatively illustrated by Matthew Lumsden, a graphic artist and author from Boca Raton, Florida.

In addition to the stages of the lovebugs coming to life in this picture book, Mr. Lumsden includes people in cars, birds, centipedes and colorful mushrooms, along with the Florida fauna:  Brazilian pepper, Golden rod and Sweet clover.

Why did you choose to write a story about bugs?

These bugs, actually, "black flies" filled me with wonder.  Sometimes in the late afternoons, they would land on my arms outdoors and I just became inquisitive and wanted to know more about them.  The research evolved into short story for children.

When will, THE LOVEBUG CONNECTION be released and what age group is this story for?

THE LOVEBUG CONNECTIONis for grades K-7, however, many adults will welcome the beauty and delight in this picture book about these swarms of black flies that invade our southern states each year.


What is your next book following, THE LOVEBUG CONNECTION?

The next picture book we are currently working on is, Josie.  This is a heartfelt love story between a young girl, Lily and a Wheaton Terrier, Josie, she visits every summer in southern California.

It is about the loving relationship between humans and their pets and how very precious time is.  They enjoy walks up the hill, sitting outdoors under the Alder tree and simply, just being together.  In the end, Lily has to return home, yet Josie waits for that familiar black luggage to wheel around the corner.  The story shares how love continues on, until the two are once again reunited.

What are you writing now?

Currently, I am writing a playful golfing story.  I will continue to write this while in California this summer.  I enjoy golfing and thought it could potentially become an entertaining picture book for children, as well as adults.

Who is your Publisher and where are your books available for purchase?

My Publisher is, PROTECTIVE HANDS COIMMUNICATIONS, Mr. Steve White, from Riviera Beach, Florida. 

My books are available at Amazon.com, as well as dburgg.com.  On my website, dburgg.com, there are grade-level lessons available for teachers and parents to download the free pdf docs. 

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